About The Goal Crush

The Goal Crush Podcast is a resource for how to crush goals from the perspective of two thirty-something gals who have crushed and crashed their way towards success and sometimes failure. Kristy and Margaret are the gals behind the goals and aim to share their experiences to to inspire and encourage personal growth, joy, and courage through goal setting in your everyday life.

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Kristy Abero

Kristy is a tech support guru living in Portland, Oregon with a cat and two plants. A mental health warrior, Kristy is passionate about sharing her experiences with battling depression and sharing skills for living a fulfilling life. When she’s not helping people use the internet you’ll find her at yoga, cooking, dancing, cross-stitching, or cuddling with her cat watching Netflix.


Margaret MacRae

Margaret is a badass lawyer living in Spokane, Washington. An avid adventurer, Margaret finds joy in trying new things and encouraging others to think audaciously. She likes to spend her free time outside with her dog Fenway, drinking coffee in bed with her cats, learning to make paper flowers, and catching up on blogs about the royal families of Europe.