Self Care | Episode #010

Self Care | Episode #010

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Be kind…to yourself. Kindness starts with how we treat ourselves. Kristy and Margaret discuss the importance of self care, or doing a kindness for yourself. As you might have guessed Kristy and Margaret have very different self care techniques. Kristy likes a calming bath, and Margaret likes a power yoga class, but both agree that self care is about doing something that nice for yourself.

Is your self care practice more like Kristy’s need for calm and relaxation, or are you like Margaret and want to get your energy flowing? Tell the Goal Crush Gals all about how you are kind to yourself on Instagram by tagging @thegoalcrush and using the #thegoalcrush.

Be kind everyone!

Show Notes Self Care

Bullet Journal and Passion Planner


Self care

Taking a bath

Go outside

“Doing yourself a kindness, that like such a great way of putting self-care, is just doing yourself a kindness. I think that we forget to be kind to ourselves and if we want to boil down self-care it’s just being kind to yourself in small but significant ways.” -K



Movement / Yoga

Action versus Rest as self-care 

Kristy needs more rest than others. 

Getting good sleep and being a morning person

Two meditation apps: 

Calm > paid, has a lot of great sleep meditation

Oak > Free app

Margaret’s app where trees grow while you do work. 

Bath salts and/or aromatherapy

Special songs: 

Fan Viding : need link

Taylor Swift: Shake it Off

Robyn Subway dance party:

11:11 store

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