Privacy Policy

The Goal Crush may request certain personal information from you. Further, we may collect information that your browser sends whenever you visit our site. We use your personal information, and any other information that we collect, only for improving this site and our other services. We will never sell your personal information, or share it with anyone else. By using the site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

Affiliate Policy and Disclaimer

The Goal Crush uses affiliate links through out this website. An affiliate link is one that earns The Goal Crush a small commission if someone clicks on it and ultimately purchases the service or item.The Goal Crush only links companies and their products because the products are items The Goal Crush uses and not because of the commission The Goal Crush receives from any purchases. Using affiliate links helps keep The Goal Crush up and running, and using the links to purchase something you hear about on the podcast or read about in one of our posts is a great way to support us.

Sharing Policy

We have some requests when it comes to how our content gets shared:

Social sharing

We love it when you share our content via social media! Seriously, it makes our day. If you want this to catch our attention, especially on Instagram, please tag The Goal Crush and use the hashtag #thegoalcrush.

Article summaries

Please feel free to publish a summary of any of our articles, along with a link to the full piece. And if you include our hashtag and tag us on Instagram, we’ll happily spread the love.

Images and infographics

All images, including our custom graphics, can be included in your published content, as long as you adhere to our Content Attribution Policy (see below).

Full blog posts on the web

We ask that you do not reprint any articles from The Goal Crush in full. If you are the author and would like to reuse or repurpose one of our articles, we ask that you abide by the Content Attribution Policy below. In addition, please do the following:

Include the canonical tag to the article so The Goal Crush noted as the original source: <link rel=”canonical” href=”URL OF BLOG POST”> (or use an appropriate plugin).

Print articles

If you are interested in using any of The Goal Crush’s content in print or traditional media, please email us at for prior approval.

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries, social sharing, reprints, and images, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

1) Cite The Goal Crush as the original source.

2) Link to the source on The Goal Crush:

Article/blog post summaries and print articles: Link to the URL of the original article.

Images: Link to the URL where our original image is stored.

Embedded infographics, video and SlideShares: Embed the original infographic, video, or presentation using the provided embed code.

Content that is gated (content that we ask people to sign up for): Link to the landing page, not the PDF.